Soul Winner has helped me understand the simplicity of evangelism. In our everyday normal lives we have the potential to be a witness for God through normal conversation. Evangelism does not always have to have a big stage with a big audience. With an openness of heart to God, and an audience of one, God can move through our lives.

This boot camp equips you with the necessary skills needed to evangelise in your own life to all those you want to reach.

Really good, grounded advice, the approach is so much better than others I have engaged with. Great use of anecdotes and examples which will help it stick in the brain.

This course has given me more confidence to talk to others and more knowledge of what to share with them in either a brief or regular conversation. There were many good points and tips with an in depth Q&A session at the end of each week. Andy Elmes is a great evangelist with many years experience and his book Soul Winner is a great read and vital support to this course. I also found the ability to rewatch each weeks video helpful and gained great encouragement from the FB page. May God Bless you with great revaluation during this course.

Motivation to share the word with others and confidence to declare personal Christianity and relationship with God.

"Real" teaching about sharing the gospel with people in our world that are not yet saved that is so easy to apply in every day life. Its very easy to connect with as its taught based on personal experience and there is an opportunity to ask questions at the end of it, which is great. We watched it as a family and even our 9 year old daughter got something out of it. I would highly recommend Bootcamp Soul Winner to anyone.

It has enabled me with the knowledge to speak confidently thus 3 people who didn't know Jesus before are now Born Again due to Soul Winner.

Boot Camp is a short concentrated course which covers all aspects of how to engage with other people in order to share the gospel message. It is comprehensive and thorough and gives opportunity to ask questions on anything about which you are unsure. It is informal and informative and I recommend it to anyone who needs encouragement to step out. Go for it, it's really good.

Great course I learnt a lot about personal Evangelism and gained confidence and empowered and equipped in speaking to people in my Jerusalem. We have been commissioned to bring the harvest in.

A very practical course, which is refreshing nowadays. To have tools and not just talks is so helpful. To be encouraged at whatever stage on the discipleship journey to engage with people, build relationships and be the ‘evangelist’ You never thought you were. Loved the ‘no nonsense’ approach to boot camp. Loved that the time was totally devoted to teaching and empowering the listener. The Q & A time for each session was very beneficial as again the answers were practical and covered a wide range of topics.

Andy spoke so clearly and gave us advise on how to share our faith. The thing I enjoyed most was when he shared his experiences with us. Even though I am 12 years old, I understood what he was saying. He really inspired me. Because of this boot camp, I have spoken to my friend who has been struggling recently about how much God loves her.

The big thing for me was the timing of this course. I have never known a season where people are so open to the gospel. Andy has clearly responded in obedience to God in helping equip believers to reach the lost in these days. As a church leader I would encourage every believer to engage in this, it’s a must.

Pastor Andy's enthusiasm and non-stop delivery really gets across the importance of God's commission for us. The lock-down has reduced opportunities to share so we MUST be innovative and determined to take every chance that comes. God is faithful and will enable us to succeed!

Soul winner is honest, challenging and full of real life stories and experiences & of course the word of God! It provides you with practical skills to empower you to make lifestyle evangelism just that a lifestyle.

The big thing for me was the timing of this course. I have never known a season where people are so open to the gospel. Andy has clearly responded in obedience to God in helping equip believers to reach the lost in these days. As a church leader I would encourage every believer to engage in this, it’s a must.

A brilliant course to shake us up and to get doing what all Christians should be doing!

This boot camp equips you with the necessary skills needed to evangelise in your own life to all those you want to reach.

After completing Soul Winner, I feel I have a better understanding of how I can speak to anyone in my world about Jesus and share the gospel. Feeling confident and well equipped to go and win souls for God for sure!

I read Soul Winner back in September. I was so encouraged that I bought several copies to give away. I gave one to my husband and another to a couple from church. The stories Andy shared about telling others about Jesus are wonderful so I tried it out even in lockdown. I was out walking and met a lady with her dogs. She was having a struggle so I offered to help hold one. Afterwards she told me about how she was watching spiritual things with meditation. I then told her about online church and how it was helping me. I asked her if had heard of Jesus to which she replied not really. She said she didn’t so religion. I told her it was because of my relationship with Him that I’ve been able to get through this pandemic. We soon came to a point where we were going different ways, saying our goodbyes. I have been praying for her since then that seeds sown would grow into a full relationship with Jesus. Boot camp gave me the chance to hear the book come alive! Why tell people about Jesus? Andy explains. Do you have a testimony? Andy explains more. You might think you’ve heard this message before but Bootcamp encourages us to go and do. To see and hear how the body of Christ is being mobilised. To see our streets, town and cities change. This book and ‘’A Call to Act” have challenged me during lockdown to bring the kingdom of God into our neighbourhood. To know that we are part of that call.

A lively interactive method of embedding the knowledge gained from reading this easy to read and straight talking book- Alongside which has allowed the reader to ask the author directly those questions that have been burning inside you for ages in a safe and nurturing environment. The online/live email is a great addition to allow you to be able to ask questions that may be prompted from the live presentation and online discussions. All book launches should be like this!

Sound encouraging words of truth , which I want to put into practise, so that I can be an example to others to come to know Gods love for them , and to give them hope not only in this life but the one to come .

Content was inspiring and practical. Andy is a great communicator and role model.

We are all evangelists and need to disciple as well.

Builds and teaches how to bring people to know Jesus.

I got encouragement and new insights.

Soul Winner Boot Camp imparted a strong sense of urgency and responsibility in me to embrace the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and to follow these instructions as a disciple of Jesus.

I would encourage all Christians to attend a Soul Winner Boot Camp and obtain a deeper understanding of the responsibility they have in sharing the gospel and their faith.

Pastor Andy articulates a practical approach to stepping out in faith, approaching others and holding meaningful conversations.

I would recommend because ; it clears up a few misconceptions ie. we are ALL called to win souls, it is in nice bite size pieces and made to sound “doable”, people won`t be daunted by the task because the teaching, though direct and to the point, is delivered with sensitivity and love… you gently encourage us to take baby steps and have a go and give lots of practical tips.

It confirmed to me that relational evangelism is something everyone of us can engage in and probably bears the most fruit. It takes the fear out of sharing your faith and let’s people explore the reasons why we are sometimes fearful and reluctant to tell people about Jesus.

Doing the soul winners course I benefitted from it a lot and gave me the compassion God put in my heart back for the lost. I have my zeal and passion back for people again.

I feel encouraged and would definitely recommend

The week by week consolidation process has been so carefully thought through as it incorporates realistic aspects of human weakness so that we are not overwhelmed, whilst maintaining our excited anticipation for next week’s episode!

The ‘Soul Winner’ book is essential for recapping the information and provides a perpetual resource for sharing.

The staggered penetrating questions in the weekly Notes are invaluable. They are arresting and demand an authentic response. They prepare the ground for the seriousness of our mission but also, having confronted them and answered them to the best of our understanding, one is strengthened and empowered to arise!

I was so intrigued to hear about the business model for the future. This whole presentation has been professionally refined and distilled and I for one, who is the same age as Israel, found the internet aspect a doddle! The instructions could not have been made clearer and so I was never apprehensive before signing into the live stream.

Andy’s daughter is the perfect foil for the questions and it is so exciting that this is an Elmes family enterprise! 

This 5 week Course not only gives one a solid grounding in what it means to be a Child of God and a vital member of the Body of Christ, but gives us ‘lift off’ for the future!

Learning more about the best ways to become Soul Winner. To share to other people what I’ve learned l& let them knowhow our Gods love to all of us is greater always.We need to trust & follow him.Share our love & care to each other.Guide them to the life of Jesus from the very beginning till the end of his life here on Earth.Until he will return.

Really encouraging teaching going through simple steps of being a soul winner. Everyone should attend!

The LORD has used this platform to enlighten our understanding of soul winning and empowered participants for the great commission or Go-mission

It was a great reminder to make the main thing the main thing! That is to pray for open doors for the gospel and to share Jesus with others. Yes I would definitely recommend that others get registered for this course to get equipped and fired up once again. You will get ‘booted up’ – ready to share the gospel of peace.

The most amazing realisation is that we have never had to rely on the “hierachy” to bring in the harvest. I think of all the times I felt jealous that I wasn’t able to be part of a Mission Team -especially seeing as I’m a South African and have heard Rheinhard Bonker. I used to see myself wearing white robes in a red sanded area, teaching little children – not just their ABC’s and 123’s – but also about JESUS!

I suppose it’s all been part of God’s plan anyway. He allows us to grow in our time until we become a “fullness” in time. This is our time now!

Suddenly understanding that the moment I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was full of HIS power – is a gobsmacking moment. The book of Acts has awoken so much within me that I feel sometimes overwhelmed by the excitement of it all.

I see myself now as being FILLED and FULLED! If I’m RELIABLE, He makes me ABLE!

Great recap on gospel truths, encouraged to step out and was reminded that we are on a great commission.

I suppose it’s all been part of God’s plan anyway. He allows us to grow in our time until we become a “fullness” in time. This is our time now!

Suddenly understanding that the moment I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was full of HIS power – is a gobsmacking moment. The book of Acts has awoken so much within me that I feel sometimes overwhelmed by the excitement of it all.

I see myself now as being FILLED and FULLED! If I’m RELIABLE, He makes me ABLE!

It was very clear and concise. I was greatly encouraged by reading the book and the worksheets brought the whole topic alive.

So impressed with the boot camp, along with my Pastors daily words, encouragement and training, it has given me confidence and a revelation of how I can spread the Good news to those who have yet to hear it. It encourages and I think brings a revelation in line with the Holy Spirit of how to wake up each day encouraged , how loved and treasured you are by God and how He sees those around you and wants so much to have relationship with them , it’s up to us to see that done !

We had been reading the Soul Winner book since its launch in November 2020 and it was a natural progression to learn as much as we can about lifestyle evangelism through doing the course. The course has been a great encouragement to step out and do more of what we have already been doing as a church for some time – reaching people where they are and in whatever circumstances they find themselves without judging, without assuming any prior knowledge or understanding, and on a daily basis expressing God’s love. The last session was particularly helpful in confirming the importance of our continued responsibility to disciple new believers.

Good encouragement and was refreshing for myself to get back out to do what I’m called to do.

Understanding, freedom knowing I don’t have to stand on the street shouting the Good News. Knowing if I care about someone I will want the best for them and that is they know Jesus.

The course was wonderful, fun and invigorating. My husband and myself felt so blessed to be reminded of simple the Gospel message really is. It showed us where we had fears that were blocking us, and gave us a fresh vision to seek the Lord more in this subject. What I found really encouraging is there are so many people with a heart to reach the lost, where as in the past I have felt very much on my own. Blessing to the team and thank you, we feel like we’ve been given a springboard to jump off, after many years of searching and doing various online courses we feel like we found something we can relate too.

Good reminder of soul winning reason to do and methods to my jerusalem

This bootcamp was truly life-giving and full of passion to preach the gospel.

Pastor Andy advised that before you pray for the lost, ask yourself do you really care? Because if you care, you also have prayers that are full of passion. It was a moment where I felt it was important to me and the Holy Spirit moved.

Another important moment for me was understand that the primary purpose of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was to be His witness! I recommend this bootcamp to everyone because we have called to be His witnesses to this world.

It was a good refresher and emphasised the need to listen to the Holy Spirit in talking with people about Jesus.

The 5 weeks were challenging and an inspiring reminder of the mission of us all as believers.

I got some new understanding of how to reach out to people. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions.

one of the best things i found was writing a list of my friends and family who don’t believe in God or who think there is something but don’t like ‘religion’ because of what they call christian hatred and hypocrisy and violent speech.. i wrote a list and was shocked at how many people were on it…im claiming them for God and praying for them as was suggested and secondly i was encouraged at we may not always see the fruits of our part in the bigger picture.. i am not good at sharing and remembering words to say but i am able to tell my friends i am a Christian and what that means to me.. they love me so tend to listen politely and say well its all the same ” i say the universe is helping me” etc etc so i often feel I’m a failure so your words were encouraging glad i subscribed ..even though i could not participate in every one having the videos was great..i was even able to forward one to a friend in Alaska who it blessed greatly.. God bless. Doreen

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I myself have been a Christian for many years and have done other courses on evangelism. I found it refreshing, motivating and inspiring, a natural way of introducing people to Jesus. I would recommend the course to others and hope that other members of our churc register for one.

Having an opportunity to be a part of Soul Winner Boot Camp, re-valuate how i share the Gospel. Take a fresh look at the Scriptures and ‘Key’ points on the course. Very encouraging.

It’s given me an enthusiasm and confidence to share the gospel with my family and others and equipped me to do it.

Andy was so easy to listen to and passionate it’s hard not to be enthused by him. He made it all sound so doable. I definitely recommend it and I will absolutely be signing up for a follow up course.

Where to start!!! I’ve always been very shy and just thought l couldn’t possible be able to talk about such an important part of life and do it justice. But you made it so simple, especially how to start the conversation. I don’t need a theology degree. It’s about my personal experience.

The course has completely changed my perspective and opened my eyes. It has taught me that sharing the gospel with people, and evangelism are the most important service to Jesus above anything else we do and I am committed to ending the silence. The consequences for people if we do not tell them about Jesus and give them the opportunity to be saved are unthinkable. People are going to Hell when they didn’t need to, and the responsibility for that is on us. It has also confirmed to me that it is the Will of God and I have been placed by Him to reach people around me and be used by Him and that I can pray for and disciple people if I get the opportunity to do so right where I am and that it is not all about ministry from the front of the church. God has placed us in certain areas where we can speak to the people that no-one else can and the Holy Spirit will help us to do this. I feel so blessed to be around so many people and to be given so many opportunities to share the gospel. I think every Christian should get registered for this course because we need to stop the silence and be bold and truthful about Jesus with people while we still can, and this course prepares us and it is God’s calling for the ‘ordinary’ person with an ordinary life.

I had become rather discouraged and apathetic with my efforts at being a soul winner, it has made me more aware of opportunities I am missing, and my lack of courage in taking them up.

Doing the Soul Winners Boot camp encouraged me to listen to the Lord more for openings in conversations with non believers and and praying for opportunities to share my faith. During the lock down I lost some confidence and the Boot camp sessions helped me to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me to speak for Him .

Encouragement for winning souls including relevant strategies or ideas.

It gave me courage to share my testimony on social media. It also was great fellowship to be connected with like-minded Christians each Thursday evening. and was not stressful to access the course technically.

My thinking has turned from being reactive to proactive in opportunities to talk about Jesus and sharing the Good News. (I bottled out of a prompted opportunity early in the course, repented, then pretty much leaped at the next opportunity that came). Instead of finding the weekly boot-camps heavy with demanding or uncomfortable levels to achieve, I found constant encouragement and inspiration to begin to value the souls God has around me and to become available and empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach out to them. I’ve already shared the video and worksheets with people in church who couldn’t attend themselves or needed to follow in their own pace, so I’d recommend this to every Christian.

I so loved the “invite” into your home to sit and chat , so to speak about the importance of winning others to Jesus ….. Every Sunday afternoon was so informative and may I say “anointed” ? … Thank you

Evangelism is a lifestyle – we live day by day – just be genuine

Thanks to Pastor Andy for taking the time. Will surely join the next one up

Thank you for running this course and sharing your personal experience with us.

I give God the glory for helping me to use Soul Winner whilst shielding, think how far we can go when we can meet up with people face to face to share what we have been blessed to learn.

Love the marketing, and ongoing connection through the alumni page. Excited to see this course grow and grow.

This course is a must for Christians committed to God’s will that not one should be lost!

I think it can be so hard for many people to change the way they think and come out of their shells to evangelize unbelievers as we all know some of us are more introverted in their personalities. I struggle when I meet people and want to do it but most times I just say when leaving them ” God bless you”. This does create a feeling of guilt because we know what we want to do. We have done it a couple of times and tried by writing in Christmas cards to our neighbours. I will study your brilliant book ” Soul Winner”, especially chapter 6 which I haven’t got to yet.

I know I will at times pass the good news to others, but not every time. I’m also hoping through my music and art to pass the message. The devil tried to stop us when going to my cousin on her deathbed, and spun our car into the middle of the M25, but we experienced an incredible miracle, not even a scratch on our car!!! As if the red sea had parted for us!! We got to pass that message. I felt inclined to pass the good news to an older man in a shop in a wheelchair who had just lost his wife and also his leg. I’m sure I could have smelt burning rubber from his hand driven wheelchair as he flew out of the shop!!!

We so desperately need someone like you Andy to pass this message worldwide to fellow Christians.

A massive thank you to the whole team in making Soul Winner Bootcamp happen. Much love in Christ.

May this be a tool for us with the aid of his spirit in sharing Gods message for the lost, of today to believe and receive him as the lord and savour ,

I’m becoming bolder with my non- Christian family.

Greatly motivated

Watch this space! I’ve got 81 names in my Jerusalem.

Sharing what I’ve learn from the course is greatest ways to became Soul Winners. Learn more & follow him is the best thing on this Earth.Sharing to my Family & Friends about our God & Jesus is a good & satisfying feeling.It’s nice to share the love of our God to all of us. God is good all the time.

Work in progress

Great conversations with people, especially with different beliefs like Islam and Catholicism. Found the book covering those belief differences helpful.

It is great for outreach on the streets in Norwich and the whole relationship with others is growing and developing. Asking questions is a great way of having good sharing experiences. Also, sharing what God has done in our lives is a great way of sharing our faith.

There are two main things that have struck me. The first is the question, ‘How much do I care?’ and asking God to increase in and through me the expression of His love in bringing people to Christ. The second is the importance of making the most of every conversation to bring the good news to people. But I can’t make the most of every conversation if I never start a conversation. So I have been trying to be more attentive to the Holy Spirit’s prompt in starting conversations. For example, yesterday I took food from our food bank round to a lady’s house that I know. She wasn’t there, but a friend of hers was who I have never met before. I was able to have a conversation with her and tell her that I would ask God to help her in making a way to move forward in her life, and she responded well to this. I go to this home twice a week to take food, so this is a connection that will continue.

I have been out for coffee with a mum from my daughter’s school. Starting a relationship and started conversations about what I’m doing on Sundays etc.

We have helped lead someone to the Lord via the garden fence, this person has been messed up through drugs and life and is now doing discipleship with us and getting to know people in the church.

I and my husband had conversation with homeless man on the street in Manchester City. This man didn’t believe in the God, he was like stone. I saw how God gave wisdom what to say. After small conversation we left and we saw how his position had changed!

Initiated an interesting conversation with a guy who turned out to be a medium. Praying for fruit from the planted seed.

As I am retired from employment I am at home. I have spoken to a neighbour who is ill and have told her I will be praying for her. I have spoken to her before about my faith. I feel my neighbourhood is where I will see fruit.

Just putting my fishing lines in the water. Especially with old friends l have known for years. I have come back to Jesus relatively recently.

I’ve had a conversation with a person at my work and shared my testimony with them.

I had a divine appointment with a lady who offered to help as I did gardening. The conversations we had our families opened up a door for a testimony of what God has done for me. I invited her for tea and she has promised to come over another day. Please pray for her salvation. When she left, my heart was broken for her salvation.

Although I have not done much yet I am more consciously aware of trying to communicate with people about the Lord when I see them.

I’ve already started to bring Jesus back into conversations with my grown up kids.

I unexpectedly found myself sharing my testimony today and could sense the Holy Spirit leading me

With my nephew, I’ve been more creative and using day to day opportunities to point to Jesus.


We love to hear how you have found the course and use it to encourage other brothers and sisters to join up for future boot camps.