Breathe Again

Do you sometimes feel almost breathless, that the pace of your life takes your breath away rather than leaving you strong and revived? Even as a Christian deep down inside you feel something needs to change, a new way of breathing discovered? Then this book will certainly help you. Join Andy on a journey that will cause you to find your breath again, be revived as you learn to breathe as God intended for you to, and become energized as you discover how to breathe God’s ‘zoe’ life in your everyday one.

Among other things, in Breathe Again you will learn:

  • How God intended for you to breathe, and how you can experience a restoration of that correct breathing today.
  • How Eden is no longer a physical place far, far away, but a way of life that everyone who belongs to God can know.
  • How to enter into the rest that the Lord has provided for you to know.
  • How to exchange a worry-filled life for carefree one.

You’ll also receive practical and applicable teaching on how to manage the three parts – spirit, soul and body – of who you are, so you can experience His life in its fullness.

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